Treatment at Santasa

Depending on the cause of infertility the following treatment methods are offered.

Ovulation Tracking (Timed Intercourse)

The couple who are young and reveal no major problems at initial screening are offered Ovulation tracking for few cycles. They are also given information regarding fertile period.

In this method, the development of an egg in the woman is noted and followed by ultrasound scanning and the couple are advised to have intercourse on the most fertile days. In young couple this method improves the chances of conceiving naturally.

 First Day of Last Menstrual Period: (DD/MM/YYYY Format)
Average Length of Cycles: 22 to 45 Days 
Average Luteal Phase Length: 9 to 16 Days     
Estimated Ovulation:
  Due Date:
Fetal Age:

Ovulation Induction

Before inducing ovulation in the woman,the couple are counseled about the method and they need to sign a consent form.The registered patients can call Santasa regarding any doubts during the induction programme. Know more on ovalution Tracking

IUI (Intra Uterine Insemination)

Santasa has a well standardized Andrology lab for preparing the sperms for IUI and a dedicated IUI suite. Know more on IUI

Donor Insemination Programme

Men with severe sperm abnormalities not keen on ICSI or with no sperm production can opt for donor sperms. The couple will be counseled about the method and they do need to sign a consent form.


The couple who have tried other conservative fertility treatments and still not successful and those with major problems like Blocked tubes, Premature Ovarian failure, Severe sperm problems are advised to undergo IVF/ICSI. Know more on ovalution Tracking

Santasa has a well equipped IVF lab with imported instruments and incubators.

Blastocyst Culture

IMSI(Intra Cytoplasmic Morphologically Normal Sperm Injection)

Cryostorage(Freezing) of eggs, Sperm and Embryos

We make IVF Affordable

At Santasa, the couple are given a transparent counselling as to the financial aspects of each treatment procedure making them understand with clarity what is included in the package and what is not.

Pricing of various procedures

IVF in Couple using self-gametes :

The average cost per cycle would be around Rs.85,000 to Rs.95,000 which includes Ovarian stimulation monitoring with Blood tests and Ultrasound scanning, IVF lab fees, Anaesthesia fee, OT fee, Doctor's fee, Embryologist's fee.

This excludes the cost of medicines required for Ovarian stimulationwhich would vary between Rs.25,000 to Rs.80,000 approximately depending on different treatment protocols (women with young age and good number of eggs would require lesser medicines there by making the treatment less expensive).

At Santasa there are three IVF packages which would include ovarian stimulation medicines as well.

Depending on the type of injections used for production of eggs, they would cost Rs.1,10,000, Rs.1,40,000 and Rs.1,60,000.

Egg Donation Programme:

Santasa offers a package at Rs.1,95,000 for one cycle of Donor Eggs where around 7 to 8 good eggs shall be provided for the couple.

Donor Embryo Programme:

Santasa provides 3 to 4 good quality embryos (Usually Blastocysts) derived from healthy egg and sperm donors which are transferred in two cycles.

The package price is Rs.2,00,000 per two embryo transfer cycles.


Santasa offers Altruistic Surrogacy at a package price of around Rs.2,50,000.

Cryostorage of Embryos:

At Santasa, Cryostoragewould cost around Rs.20,000 for up to 6 embryos per year. Frozen Embryo transfer cycles would cost between Rs.40,000 to Rs.45,000 depending on whether it is cleavage stage transfer or Blastocyst transfer.


In this advanced form of ICSI where good quality sperms are chosen from their affinity to specialized surface on a culture dishes would cost an additional Rs.10,000 per Cycle.

Laser Hatching :

Laser Hatching would cost an additional Rs.10,000 per Embryo.

Embryo Biopsy:

PGT - A Embryo Biopsy procedures would cost around Rs.20,000 per Embryo. PGT - S Embryo Biopsy procedure cost would depend on the genetic disease that is being screened for.

Adaption Orientation Programme

For couple who are considering adoption as the chosen method or for couple who have failed IVF, adoption is a wonderful option. We give you the Guidance about how to go ahead, about the legal matters invoved etc.

Married Couples leading a stable married life for more than three years are eligible to adopt. Single, divorced or widowed ladies, who are in 30 to 45 year age bracket and are physically, mentally and financially capable to bring up a child, are also eligible.

It is imperative to adopt a child through a recognized adoption agency so that the adoption is legal in all respects. This way everybody can refer back to the agency, if any need arises in future in connection with adoption/support/counseling and guidance.

To adopt a child, the couple should visit the nearest recognized adoption agency and obtain pertinent information and an application form. Once the couple submits the completed application, they need to undergo a Home study process, which is nothing but counseling cum investigation report conducted by a professionally qualified Social Worker (MSW). If every thing is in order, the name of the couple is registered in the waiting parents' list. As and when a suitable child becomes available, the agency calls the couple to see the child. The couple has the right to accept or reject the child. Once they approve the child, the child is placed in pre-adoptive foster care with the couple. The legal formalities may take 3 months to 1 year depending on how busy the court is. By pre-adoptive foster care arrangement the couple keeps the child at their home while the case is going on, but the child cannot leave the country till the case is completed

Special adoption procedure needs to be followed if the adoptive parents are non-resident Indians, persons of Indian origin and foreign nationals. All adoptions in India are done under the overall umbrella of Central Adoption Resource Authority, whose website is an excellent source of information on all topics related to adoption in India.

Also, you could book an appointment with our experts to decide which treatment would work better for you!

For more details please contact our IVF coordinator at
WhatsApp to 6366225136 for more details


Here professional counsellers will give an outline of the natural conception, causes of infertility and the treatment options with the aid of charts and videos. The couple with excessive stress or depression requiring additional help are identified and referred for detailed psychological counselling.

Santasa offers the couple a friendly, dedicated service. On arrival, they will be greeted and guided by the Patient Co-ordinator who will explain the events to follow.Then they will be seen by a doctor who will take detailed history and guide to the Gynaecological and andrological examination. After examination by experienced Santasa team they will be advised to undergo following basic tests:

For the wife:

  • Basic Blood tests: To check general health and screen infections
  • Hormonal tests: usually done on Day 2 or 3 of menses and involve FSH,LH,TSH and PL
  • Transvaginal Scan: to assess the health of internal organs like uterus and Ovaries.
  • Hysterosalpingogram (HSG): Usually done within Day 10 of menses to evaluate the patency of the uterine tubes.

For the Husband:

  • Basic blood tests: To check general health and screen infections
  • Semen Analysis: Usually done after 3-5days of abstinence

In the next appointment, the results of the tests are reviewed and guidance regarding further course of action are given. Through all these steps,the couple are guided by counsellers.

For more details on the above procedures and other special techniques like SPERM VD ( Vitrification of Sperms)

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